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It’s true: Cardio benefits singers. For vocalists, maintaining optimal lung health and capacity is essential. Not only does it support longer and more powerful vocal performances, but it also ensures the longevity of your singing career. One often overlooked method to enhance vocal strength is steady-state cardio, commonly known as Zone 2 training. It can be a game-changer for vocalists — especially those performing professionally several times a week.

Zone 2 cardio is a moderate-intensity exercise (hard walking, jogging, treadmill, bike) that boosts aerobic capacity and endurance without over-straining the body. A good indication that you’re doing it correctly is that if you were to carry on a conversation with a person while you’re working out, they would be able to detect the breathiness in your voice. Here are 7 benefits:

1. Enhanced Lung Capacity

Engaging in regular cardiovascular exercise can supercharge your lungs. Over time, steady-state cardio can make your lungs more adept at taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide, leading to improved vocal stamina and breath control.

2. Boosted Oxygen Uptake

Zone 2 cardio benefits singers because it refines the efficiency of oxygen uptake by the muscles, including those used in singing. With consistent training, your vocal muscles can extract more oxygen, leading to more sustained and powerful vocal performances.

3. Strengthened Respiratory Muscles

The muscles responsible for breathing, such as the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, are pivotal for singers. Regular cardio can fortify these muscles, resulting in more effective breath support and control during singing.

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4. Increased Capillary Density

This form of training can amplify the number of capillaries in the muscles. A denser capillary network means better oxygen exchange, which indirectly boosts vocal endurance by enhancing the efficiency of the oxygen transport system.

5. Clearance of Airway Secretions

For singers, maintaining clear airways is essential. Another way cardio benefits singers is that it clears mucus from the lungs and airways, ensuring that your vocal cords remain unobstructed and ready to produce clear sound.

6. Fortified Immune Function

A robust immune system is vital for singers who often perform in varied environments. Regular exercise can bolster the immune system, reducing the risk of respiratory infections that can sideline a vocalist.

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7. Stress Reduction for Better Vocal Health

Singing under stress can lead to strained vocal cords and suboptimal performances. Exercise, especially steady-state cardio, is a proven stress-buster. By keeping stress at bay, singers can ensure healthier vocal patterns and more emotionally connected (happier!) performances.


Cardio benefits singers. For singers looking to elevate their vocal game, incorporating steady-state cardio into their routine can tangibly make a difference. Not only does it offer a myriad of health benefits, but it also directly impacts vocal performance and endurance. So, the next time you’re thinking of skipping that jog or bike ride, remember the power of Zone 2 training for your vocals!

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