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About Grit&Groove

Playing music professionally takes grit. Grit&Groove is all about the dedication, passion, and tenacity it takes to pursue a dream in music. Whether you’re playing gigs late into the night while juggling a day job, or you’re taking the first steps towards a career in music, our platform is here to assist.

Founded by a fellow working musician, Grit&Groove seeks to be a source of inspiration for those who refuse to let their musical dreams go.

Our Mission

To provide valuable insights, tools, and resources catered specifically to the unique challenges and opportunities that working and aspiring musicians face.

General Editor

As a fellow working musician, Mark Scott understands the highs and lows of a life dedicated to music. Mark actively gigs, playing pop covers and originals professionally. With a background in web development and managing social media for small businesses, Mark now pours these energies into a new platform that seeks to be of real and practical value to fellow working and aspiring musicians.

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