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While the Shure SM58 has been the iconic choice for decades, the subsequent models, including the Shure Beta 58 and the Shure Beta 87a, have carried forward its legacy with significant advancements. Among these, the Shure Beta 87a Supercardioid Condenser Mic emerges as a true gem. Let’s look into what makes this mic stand out.

1. Advanced Supercardioid Pickup Pattern

While the SM58 featured a cardioid pattern and the Beta 58 used a supercardioid design, the Beta 87a perfected the supercardioid approach, ensuring minimal interference from ambient noise and maximizing isolation of the main sound source. If you’re a performer battling with stage noise or an environment filled with unwelcome audio intrusions, the Beta 87a can help.

2. Enhanced Clarity with Condenser Technology

The transition from the dynamic design of the SM58 and Beta 58 to the condenser technology in the Beta 87a marks a leap. Condenser mics are celebrated for their sensitivity, broad frequency response, and ability to capture nuances and subtleties in vocals. This makes the Beta 87a a good choice for studio recording as well as live performances.

3. Built for the Road

Like its Shure siblings, the Beta 87a boasts a robust construction. The hardened steel mesh grille protects its internals from external shocks. Moreover, it comes with an advanced shock mount system, minimizing handling noise, which is often a gripe with live performances.

4. Superior Feedback Rejection

Feedback can be a nightmare. The Beta 87a’s supercardioid pattern and internal electronic components synergize to offer unmatched feedback rejection. In comparison to the SM58 and even the Beta 58, this model handles higher sound pressure levels without the dread of feedback.

5. Extended High-Frequency Response

One noticeable improvement in the Beta 87a over its predecessors is the enhanced high-frequency response. This lends a crispness and clarity to the vocals, ensuring they shine through any mix. Whether it’s the shimmering highs of vocal performance or the crisp pronunciation of a spoken word, the Beta 87a captures it all.

6. Smooth Frequency Response

Beyond the high frequencies, the overall response of the Beta 87a is commendably smooth. The consistent pickup across frequencies translates to a natural, authentic sound reproduction, a quality that every artist seeks.

7. Electronic Low-Frequency Roll-Off

The Beta 87a comes with an inbuilt low-frequency roll-off, aiding in compensating for the proximity effect. This is particularly useful for performers who sing or speak closely into the microphone, ensuring that the bass doesn’t get overwhelmingly boosted.


While the Shure SM58 has been the gold standard for microphones for decades, the innovations and enhancements in subsequent models like the Beta 58 and Beta 87a cannot be ignored. The Shure Beta 87a Supercardioid Condenser Mic, with its slew of advanced features, offers a great blend of precision, clarity, and reliability.


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