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Among Yamaha’s vast product lineup, the MG series of mixers stands out for their versatility and audio quality. Whether you’re a solo acoustic performer or part of a small band, the Yamaha MG series has a mixer tailored for you. This post breaks down each model and its benefits, helping you make the best choice for your live music needs.

Yamaha MG Series: A Brief Overview

The Yamaha MG series is a range of mixers suitable for a variety of applications. They are designed to be robust, compact, and user-friendly. With a built-in SPX digital effects processor, high-quality op-amp, and Yamaha’s build quality, the MG series offers great performance at an affordable price.

Solo Acoustic Performer: Yamaha MG06 & MG06X

  • MG06: Perfect for solo performers, the MG06 is the most compact model in the series. With 2 mic/line combo inputs and 2 stereo line inputs, it’s an excellent choice for performers who need a simple setup. Its small size makes it highly portable, fitting into most gig bags.
  • MG06X: Similar to the MG06, the MG06X comes with the added advantage of built-in SPX digital effects. This is a boon for solo performers looking to add some reverb or delay to their vocal or guitar without an external processor.

Duo or Trio Setup: Yamaha MG10 & MG10XU

  • MG10: If you’re performing in a duo or trio, the MG10 offers more flexibility. With 4 mic/line combo inputs and 3 stereo line inputs, this mixer can accommodate multiple instruments and vocal lines. The two group buses give added routing flexibility.
  • MG10XU: This version offers the same input capabilities as the MG10 but adds USB audio interface functionality and built-in effects. If you’re looking to record your performance or integrate software effects, the MG10XU is a great choice.

Small Band: Yamaha MG12, MG12XU, MG16 & MG16XU

  • MG12 & MG12XU: Suited for bands with up to four members, the MG12 provides 6 mic/line combo inputs and 2 stereo line inputs. This ensures each band member gets their dedicated channel. The XU variant again offers USB capabilities and onboard effects.
  • MG16 & MG16XU: For slightly larger bands, the MG16 brings 8 mic/line combo inputs and 3 stereo line inputs to the table. This allows for more intricate setups with multiple vocals, guitars, keyboards, and more. As with other models, the XU version has the added benefits of USB integration and onboard effects.

Benefits Across the Board

  • D-PRE Preamps: Yamaha’s D-PRE preamps offer a transparent and high-definition sound. This is particularly beneficial for vocals and acoustic instruments, ensuring a natural and pristine audio output.
  • Metal Chassis: Despite their compact size, the MG mixers are built tough. Their robust metal chassis is road-ready and ensures the mixer’s longevity.
  • Single-Knob Compressors: Available in the larger models, the single-knob compressor allows for easy dynamic control. This is invaluable for vocals and ensures a smooth, consistent audio output.
  • Built-in SPX Digital Effects: With the XU models, performers get access to a variety of digital effects, from reverbs and delays to phaser and chorus. This can elevate a live performance, adding depth and dimension to the sound.


Choosing the right mixer is important for any live performance. The Yamaha MG series, with its range of models and features, offers solutions for every setup, from the soloist to the band. Not only do these mixers ensure excellent sound quality, but they also come packed with features that can make a real difference to a live performance. Whether it’s the built-in effects, the robust build quality, or the intuitive layout, there’s a lot to love about the MG series.


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