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First gig in a new room? It can be a fresh opportunity to showcase your talent and potentially secure a regular spot. How do you ensure that your first performance isn’t your last? Here are some strategies to help you get return dates and become a favorite in any new room.

1. Research the Venue

Before you even step foot in the venue, do a little homework. Check their website and social media platforms. Understand the kind of crowd the venue attracts and the type of music they prefer. Do they want a lot of engagement and high energy? Or is it a more laid-back vibe for the dinner crowd? Tailor your sets and style of delivery accordingly. Getting this right will make a significant difference in how you’re received.

2. Be Professional

This might seem obvious, but it’s worth emphasizing. Arrive on time, be courteous to the staff. If the staff doesn’t like you then you’re really decreasing your chances of a return date. Be warm. Venues appreciate musicians who are low-maintenance and easy to work with.

3. Promote the Gig

While the venue may or may not do its part in promoting the night, take initiative and spread the word. Use your social media platforms and word of mouth to reach as many people as possible. Increased numbers will undoubtedly impress venue owners.

Guitars at zZounds

4. Network

Between sets, take the time to mingle. Talk to some folks, thank them for coming. Connect with the venue staff. Building relationships can lead to more opportunities in the future.

5. Bring Merch and Promo Stuff

Having merchandise like CDs, shirts, or posters can not only be an additional source of income but also a way for people to remember you. If someone goes home with a physical item, they’re more likely to look you up later and return for future dates.

6. Follow Up

After your gig, send a thank you note to the venue. Express your gratitude for the opportunity and express your interest in returning. This small gesture can go a long way in securing future dates.

7. Ask for Feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask the venue for feedback. Maybe there’s something you overlooked, or perhaps they have suggestions on how you can improve. Receiving constructive criticism can keep you on the right foot.

Bass at zZounds

8. Stay Active Online

After the gig, post pictures, videos, and thank you notes on your social media. Tag the venue and engage with any patrons who comment or share. An active online presence can keep the momentum going and remind venues of the buzz you can create.

9. Be Adaptable

Every venue is different. What works in one place doesn’t always work in another. Be ready to adapt your performance, whether it’s tweaking your setlist or changing your style of delivery. Being versatile can make you a more attractive option for the venue.

To conclude, securing return dates is a mix of talent, professionalism, and relationship-building. By putting in the effort both on and off the venue property, you can ensure that your first time in a new room is just the beginning of many more performances to come. Remember, every gig is an opportunity to grow, learn, and solidify your reputation in the music community. Make the most of it!



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